"Blitz"-cranking - By Flintlock

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"Blitz"-cranking - By Flintlock

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This is actually the first post I made so if it's not that detailed or "understandable" for you, you can always use the PM thing and message me/ask me if you have any questions, and please don't be disappointed, I need positive reviews and comments about it, how I can improve it and so on.

For me, I personally like to stay in Blitz mode, meaning all out attack; all out military style. Although, sometimes.. it is hard for me to be in this mode because I risk too much pieces, that leads to exposure, and eventually being vulnerable to surefire attacks, which then leads to defeat.

And yes, Vulnerability is one of the most common and strong weakness of a Blitzcranker, and weaknesses are meant to be hidden, and yes, removed. So, speaking of this, one shouldn't always put their offense in the "front line" I mean, not literally. Some Blitz-cranker like me prefer to position the 5-star general almost, but not totally in the front "right (opposite of left)" side which leads me to positioning Spy on the back, and Pvt beside the piece, (the two pieces Pvt and Spy supporting and hopefully be a Blitz piece as well after protecting the 5-star.

And speaking about "supporting" pieces being all out Blitzers, for example, let's say Spy being in the back of the 5-star front liner, along with the Pvt beside the 5 star on the front, when the 5-star attacks first, the enemy move a piece in front of the 5-star, chances are, the 5 star can eat it while the Spy can protect it afterwards, or if the 5 star moves in front, the enemy moves a space beside the empty space the 5star is facing, chances are if the enemy piece that moved to that certain space is a spy, you can capture it with your Pvt, on the side protecting the 5 star and eventually, you can complete a full protected 5 star Blitzcranker by moving the Spy onto the back of the 5 star.

When the 5 star got eaten, you don't worry because chances and hopefully, luck will play in to turn your supporting pieces (without the 5 star) into last resort, sure fire Blitzcrankers and eventually win the game.

But what if the enemy spies had run out and "some" of your spies and sergeant, major, colonel had been removed all left is a bunch of "useless (as many starters call it) Privates hanging around trying to protect the flag", well please don't call the remaining Private useless just because again the enemy has no spies, in that situation, I'm sure both you and the enemy is equal, or almost not, (due to the enemy taking offense against you) but don't lose hope just yet, just because you have a bunch of Privates with some good ranks left, doesn't mean you can get "decepted" by your enemy taking control (as you can see it) but yet leaving so much space and the flag of the enemy just rock solid, like not moving out of they're defense to fly across the board, you will do it yourself, this time, you will sacrifice the remaining pieces in order for you to be victorius, in order for you to bypass those decepting pieces of your opponent and for you to become the deceptor, that's the time when all of your pieces become Blitzers, ready to sacrifice, and now let's go to the practicals of it.

Your flag is, lets say being protected by a single spy on it's front, and the remaining Colonel, and major is hanging around doing defense, what you can do is to decept your enemy as again, making your spy a surviving 4 star or even 5 star general in your opponents mind, and thats the time when you maneuver your spy into the free space in the middle where your enemy left for you to come in and your remaining pieces sticking together, for example a private of an a enemy will attack you from the side when you are trying to cross the flag across the board, but yet the enemy doesn't know you have a higher piece left in your team, you use the higher piece to attack that piece, or if the enemy piece is higher, hopefully your enemy piece can be baited onto your lower piece for you to not get attack as you cross.

It just goes to show that Blitz-cranking isn't bad after all. You just need to have the heart, be the deceptor and sacrifice.
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Re: "Blitz"-cranking - By Flintlock

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salamat po :3 intrams pa naman namin bukas eh player ako XD thankyuu sir. baka magamit ko to. try ko imaster hihihi :lol: