BOX FORMATION 1&2 (Offense and Defense)


BOX FORMATION 1&2 (Offense and Defense)

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blank, private, 5s, private, 4s, sergeant, 2s, 2nd lt., blank
blank, 3s, private, captain, 1lt., spy, private, spy, blank
blank, flag, col, lt col., major, private, 1s, private, blank

When the game start your first move will be in the center 1st, 2nd, 3rd row then left side and that last is your right side so the opponent will not 1st know were is your defense and offense formation(strong/weak spot) when you think its time to do the offense, that is the time you start attacking your left side formation. to do the offense you need to move your 3s going to the end left and put it in front row so it will be(3s, prvt, 5s..)but when your opponent is attacking in your left side/offense side don't counter attack make your offense to "defense" and wait for your opponent will get in your offense to defense formation. then when you think that its time again to offense then that is the time you will counter attack your opponent. first move will be your 3s then going to the right so there is a private waiting for your 3s. when your 3s is eliminated counter attack your private, when the opponent spy is eliminated be ready to full attack your 5s. and defense your 4s. if think it is safe to move your flag well it is the time you move your flag to the opponents base and second thought your 5s will be an opponents flag hunter if it is needed and in your right side/defense side just hold your position and just wait for your opponent will attack your formation but you need to move your 1s to the end right and place it beside your spy. but if you think that your defense in the right side can be offense well you can attack your opponent using your 2s and 1s. and your back-up is your spy


blank, private, sergeant, private, 5s, private, 2lt, 1lt, blank
blank, 2s, spy, lt. col, major, 1s, private, spy, blank
blank, private, 4s, col, flag, private, 3s, capt., blank

pros and veterans said that one of your stars needs to be a tester to find the spy and that is your 2s. the 2s in the testing point to find the opponents spy or 3s, 4s, 5s. in my box formation2 when the game starts the first moves needs to be in the middle then in the nest is your left and right side. the 2s will move at the end upper left corner and at the other side will be the capt. going to the end upper right corner. the 2s is followed by a private while the capt. is followed by a 3s and a private. if you start attacking you must test your opponents using your 2s and to find the spy, 5s , 4s or 3s. and the others side will be the 3s for testing. hopefully spy will be eliminated after the testing

(NOTE: never leave your 5s, 4s, 3s, 2s, 1s without privates and always put front and side to side pieces in your spy for anti private. 5s and 4s must stay in defense if opponents spy is not yet eliminated)
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Re: BOX FORMATION 1&2 (Offense and Defense)

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I call these box tactics 'as 'Eisenhower's Overlord', which is a similar kind of tactic that Gen. Dwight Eisenhower and his command staff planned for 'Operation Overload' to invade Normandy, France against German Forces during World War II. The deception was for the Germans to believe that the invasion would take place at Pas De Calais, in Northern France. German Forces did notice the 'fake' military build-up across the English Channel adjacent to that town and transferred artillery and armored divisions at that location. As that was occurring, Allied forces secretly and wisely launched their main forces to its main target of Normandy. Despite the Allies suffering heavy casualties, the invasion was successful...
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Re: BOX FORMATION 1&2 (Offense and Defense)

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Re: BOX FORMATION 1&2 (Offense and Defense)

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